Pre-Alpha Release! Pre-Alpha Version 0.10 Launch

Hello all, I would like to explain more about my decision to launch a Pre-Alpha verison of my game on Lets start with a little backstory. I started working in unity a couple of months ago,  working on projects from 2D to 3D, and from platformer to roguelike. I had made many different prototypes, before deciding to stick to this one. Since then, I have worked to get 10 basic levels implemented into the game. I have also worked on  making the UI better, and writing scripts to run the game/add in new features. The current release is a VERY basic version, but I would like to get some feedback from what I have so far, including ideas and criticism. There are quite a few immediate things that I need to work on implementing, but once I get done with the more important of tasks, I would like to work on making more expansive levels, that will take longer to complete. I would also like to add more mandelbulbs into the levels (which is the basis of the game, and will be more apparent in future levels). These mandelbulbs take quite a while to render and process, so it can be a slow process. To come to a close, if you have played the game, please go take the short survey that is linked into the game page. It helps so much, and that is one of the primary reasons I have published the game.



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