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What is Fractal Ball?

Fractal Ball is a ball rolling game that emphasizes on environment by using a dark setting, paired with lighting/particle effects. You will roll your ball in order to collect all of the pins and complete the level. Have you ever heard of a mandelbulb? In the current state, there are two levels that include these mathmatical wonders. More to come in the future!

Please take the time and fill out this short 6-question survey if you have played the game: https://forms.gle/XVWhYaGa1uZ11jJm8

Current State (Pre-Alpha Version 0.10):

Fractal Ball is currently in its first stage of Pre-Alpha. I have been working on this project for a couple of weeks, and it is my first time developing a game. Keep in mind, some things are placeholders. I am posting it on itch.io to get some player feedback and hopefully generate some good ideas. There are currently only 10 levels to play, but there will be much more to come!

Known Bugs:

-When starting a new level, you may have to hit the escape key in order to start the level. If you can't move the ball, this is the issue.

Things To Come In The Future:

-Level Completion Screen

-Shop for changing the color/particle effects of your ball

-Load/Save Game

-World Leaderboards for quickest time

-Many, many, more levels

-Increased difficulty/length of levels

-Better UI

*Do not modify/redistribute data from this game*


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